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Car Service Hawthorn

For auto mechanics in Hawthorn, look no further than Future-Tech. We are the leading car service mechanics in Hawthorn, providing a range of services. We can diagnose a range of car issues, do car repairs in Hawthorn and thereby prevent future problems.

Auto Mechanic Hawthorn

Future-Tech is the number one place to find car mechanics in Hawthorn for car service and repairs. Our Hawthorn mechanicscan also do pre-purchase car inspections and roadworthy certificates in Hawthorn.

We make sure to specialise in the European car makes popular in Hawthorn for car services:

  • BMW Auto Transmission
  • Audi Auto Transmission
  • Mercedes Auto Transmission
  • Volvo Auto Transmission
  • Volkswagen Auto Transmission

Car Repairs Hawthorn

Visiting our Hawthorn car mechanics for car service will make sure that your car remains functional throughout its lifetime. Periodic maintenance and car repairs in Hawthorn will help to preserve the condition of your car, and avoid costly hassles later down the track.

Roadworthy Certificate Hawthorn

We are some of the most trusted mechanics in Hawthorn, because of our long history of great car service. To book a service, please call us at 03 9890 6222, email us or visit us at our Future-Tech centre  for car services in Hawthorn for a detailed inspection.

Future Tech Prestige car service

At Fluidrive Automatic Transmissions Box Hill, our friendly staff will help you with any of your transmission problems or serviceing needs .
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The Highest quality genuine parts

At Future-Tech, we use only the highest quality genuine and OEM parts, including:

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