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Car Services and Transmission Specialists
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Transmission Rebuilders

With over 30 years of experience Future Tech, Fluidrive extends all European cars transmission rebuilding services.

Reconditioned Automatic Gearboxes

Our specialist mechanics at Future-Tech are proud of extending professional rebuilding and reconditioning services to automatic transmissions of our customers’ vehicles. The eminence of our reconditioned automatic gearboxes puts us at the top amongst our competitors in the market. We are renowned as the leading transmission rebuilders when it comes to modifying your transmission after accurate identification of the issues with thorough examination of your vehicle. For the comfort of our customers, we only use genuine OEM parts and lubricants.

Our company was incorporated in 1998 and we are proudly associated with FluidDrive. Since then we have had a successful history of satisfying our customers when it comes to repairingautomatic transmissions, assembling reconditioned automatic gearboxes in their vehicles, and rebuilding transmissions as per our customers’ needs and modifying transmissions as per the latest and updated standards. Our unique and state-of-the-art service centres are capable of managing all the work under one roof. For this purpose, we have a talented team of extraordinary personnel that complete every task with perfection.

Transmission Repairs

Our aim is to provide you the best available solutions for transmission repair within your budget. The budget required may be minimal and cost-effective if we identify problems in the beginning. It will also help you to avoid the peril of major repairs.

The detailed inspection allows us to identify the requirements of your vehicle that may include assembling of reconditioned automatic gearboxes, rebuilding of the automatic transmissions or repairs of the transmissions. The rebuilding of the transmissions is done as per the latest and updated standards that are applicable currently. The repairs may be small or big, depending on the nature of the problem that is identified after detailed inspection.

Reconditioned Transmissions

For any of the above, we will give you our opinions and technical advices about the type of modification or service that you may want to pursue. From that variety of opinions, you may choose the best possible option for your car. We will be taking the task gladly in order to provide you a satisfied service of the automatic transmission of your vehicle.

We recommend you to trust our service centres for a quick inspection of your car since the unattended problems may cause a greater difficulty for you in future. Get the vehicle, examined, get the detailed opinions and let us do our job at our earliest and trust us that it will give you utmost satisfaction once you drive your vehicle out of our service centre!

Future Tech Prestige car service

At Fluidrive Automatic Transmissions Box Hill, our friendly staff will help you with any of your transmission problems or serviceing needs .
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The Highest quality genuine parts

At Future-Tech, we use only the highest quality genuine and OEM parts, including:

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