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Car Service Camberwell

Future-Tech is the number one place to find car mechanics in Camberwell for car services. Our skilled and professional mechanics provide Camberwell residents with superior car servicing, conduct pre-purchase car inspections in Camberwell, and roadworthy certificates for Camberwell cars and beyond.

Before buying a car it is integral that you arrange for an inspection by a reputable mechanic to ensure that it doesn’t present a risk to you or your passengers. Thanks to our thorough pre purchase car inspections Camberwell locals can feel confident about their prospective vehicle and gain the information they need to make an informed decision.

Car Mechanic Camberwell

On top of these regular services, our Camberwell mechanics specialise in auto transmission for the following European car brands, popular among those seeking car services in Camberwell:

  • BMW Auto Transmission
  • Audi Auto Transmission
  • Mercedes Auto Transmission
  • Volvo Auto Transmission
  • Volkswagen Auto Transmission
  • Pre Purchase Car Inspection Camberwell

Visiting our car mechanics in Camberwell for car service will ensure the long-term functioning of your car. Periodically maintaining your car will help to prolong its life, with our Camberwell car mechanics helping you monitor the condition of your car and give it the required maintenance.

Passionate and fully-qualified, the industry-experts at Future-Tech specialise in bringing out the best in European car’s auto transmissions throughout Camberwell. This means that we can safely and confidently work on Audi, BMW, and Mercedes auto transmissions giving Camberwell motorists grief. With our precise and methodical approach, combined with our commitment to customer satisfaction, we can guarantee you will be satisfied with our solutions.

Regular a car service in Camberwell will ensure the perfect working condition of your vehicle, increasing the life span of your vehicle and saving you from massive expenses in the future by preventing car troubles now. To find out more about our major and minor car service solutions Camberwell locals can call our service centre today!

Roadworthy Certificate Camberwell

We are some of the most trusted mechanics in Camberwell because of our long history of great car service. Whether for insurance, resale, or registration purposes obtaining a roadworthy certificate is a must.

As a registered roadworthy tester with Vicroads Future-Tech can be trusted to complete all the testing required for a roadworthy certificate, helping Camberwell locals improve the value and worth of their vehicle.

Auto Transmission Camberwell


At Future-Tech our modern service centre offers solutions to all problems related to auto transmission of your Camberwell vehicles such as rebuilding transmission, repairing or providing reconditioned gearboxes of European car brands. Our services are primarily extended to the following:

Thanks to our thorough knowledge and skills, Future-Tech can be trusted to greatly improve the condition and responsiveness of European cars auto transmissions in Camberwell and the neighbouring suburbs. This means that whether your vehicle has a Volkswagen or Volvo manufactured auto transmission Camberwell motorists can trust our methods and techniques.

European Cars Auto Transmission in Camberwell – Volvo, Volkswagen


Our friendly staff members are ready to serve you with their expertise in diagnosing critical issues related to the transmission of your vehicle. Our specialisation in the relevant technical knowledge and our urge to make available the required support makes us distinct from our market competitors. This allows us to complete urgent and required repair works on Volvo and Volkswagen auto transmissions in Camberwell and elsewhere throughout Melbourne.

Most importantly, we keep track of your budget so that the repairs are made in the most efficient manner. In reconditioning services, you have options to install one of our reconditioned automatic transmission units or to get your own unit reconditioned by us for you.

Repairs are advised only when the nature of the issue is not critical or the owner does not want to keep that vehicle for a long time. For all these services, we use high quality OEM equipment and lubricants that enhance the performance of automatic transmissions of the vehicles and subsequently give the maximum satisfaction to our customer.

Auto Transmission – BMW, Audi, Mercedes in Camberwell


We have a team of accredited and trained automatic transmission technicians. We carry a large variety of change over equipment as well and we provide all the services at one place. This is the most beneficial part for the customers, as they do not need to go to various places for their needs, that too with uncertainty about the level of satisfaction that they may derive from them.

We have been providing guaranteed contentment to our customers with our exemplary work in the field of repairing and reconditioning the automatic transmissions of the European car brands. Our specialisation in efficient repairing, servicing and reconditioning of all brands of European cars makes us distinguishable from other competitors in the same field.

Periodic maintenance and proper servicing shall ensure that the automatic transmission is in the perfect working order. Problem free operations are guaranteed at our service centre with improved fuel consumption being one of the benefits of our advanced and personalised services.

We have the best-upgraded equipment and latest technology; when combined with the highly technical suggestions of our talented mechanics gives you the perfect results. Please browse our website for viewing our products and services in detail so that you may be able to decide that this is the place for all of your automatic transmission needs. Whether it’s a BMW, Audi, or Mercedes auto transmission Camberwell locals need serviced or repaired, Future-Auto can ensure it is improved according to the specifications set by the manufacturer.

Please visit us at our Camberwell service centre for the detailed inspection of your vehicle. Please contact us at 03 9890 6222 or email us at

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