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Car Service Hawthorn

For auto mechanics in Hawthorn, look no further than Future-Tech. We are the leading car service mechanics in Hawthorn, providing a range of services. We can diagnose a range of car issues, do car repairs in Hawthorn and thereby prevent future problems.

Specialising in working in European cars auto transmissions, Hawthorn locals wanting the best for their vehicle can trust the solutions on offer from Future-Tech. Whether you require expert attention for Audi, BMW, Volkswagen or Volvo auto transmissions Future-Tech is here to help.

Auto Mechanic Hawthorn

Future-Tech is the number one place to find car mechanics in Hawthorn for car service and repairs. Our mechanics offer Hawthorn locals affordably-priced and professional pre-purchase car inspections and roadworthy certificates that other Hawthorn mechanics cannot match in terms of quality and cost.

We make sure to specialise in the European car makes popular in Hawthorn for car services:

  • BMW Auto Transmission
  • Audi Auto Transmission
  • Mercedes Auto Transmission
  • Volvo Auto Transmission
  • Volkswagen Auto Transmission
  • Car Repairs Hawthorn

Visiting our Hawthorn car mechanics for car service will make sure that your car remains functional throughout its lifetime. Periodic maintenance and car repairs in Hawthorn will help to preserve the condition of your car, and avoid costly hassles later down the track.

Roadworthy Certificate Hawthorn

We are some of the most trusted mechanics in Hawthorn, because of our long history of great car service. Along with our effective and personalised car repairs Hawthorn residents can rely on us to complete a number of other automotive services. As a registered Vicroads roadworthy tester, we can provide a roadworthy certificate for Hawthorn locals.

Whether for reselling a vehicle, insurance purposes, or vehicle registration, a roadworthy certificate helps Hawthorn car owners officially verify that their car is safe for the roads.

Auto Transmission Hawthorn


At our Future-Tech service centre of Hawthorn, we are proud to provide diagnosis to your problems of automatic transmission pertaining to your vehicle. Our state-of-the-art services include:

Auto Transmission – BMW, Audi, Mercedes in Hawthorn


Partial repairs are intended for small problems. However if the small problems are of the sort that they can bring a big damage in the future then we will recommend you for reconditioning. If there has been no identification of early symptoms, then the cost of repair will definitely shoot up and in some cases, transmissions may become non-fixable. Trust us; you do not want this to happen.

We at Future-Tech care for your vehicle with pride. We use high quality genuine and OEM parts only primarily from Fluiddrive. We take the time to perform a detailed examination of your vehicle; after that, we provide you with the possible solution as per your budget that will help both of us getting to the same wavelength.

Possessing extensive knowledge and training, our team of technicians can skilfully work on the Mercedes, Audi, and BMW auto transmissions giving Hawthorn locals grief. Working with precision and accuracy our team ensure that all transmissions are running smoothly and without grinding or friction.

After you authorise us for any project, we will commence the work and rest assured; you will be satisfied when you will experience the outcome. Visit us at our Hawthorn service centre for the detailed inspection.

Auto Transmission in Hawthorn – Volvo, Volkswagen


At our Hawthorn service centre, we make various services available to you including the rebuilding and necessary repairs to the transmissions. We aim to provide the best quality service so that future transmission problems should not occur. Customer’s needs are our primary focus on which we provide our technical and specialised opinions in order to solve the issues related to the automatic transmission of almost every European vehicle brand. The thorough identification of transmission problems from our talented mechanics provides you the best idea to modify the transmission of your vehicles.

The perfect recognition of the automatic transmission of your vehicle gives us a clear idea of repairs required in the vehicle. Reconditioning brings a peace of mind since it brings the new performance behaviour and utmost reliability. By knowing the ins and outs of Volkswagen and Volvo auto transmissions Hawthorn motorists can trust Future-Tech to greatly improve their vehicle and their driving experience promptly and without issue.

Reconditioning is done with utmost care since it the most technical part involving acute examination of the automatic transmission. After that, parts need to be assembled perfectly and with extra care so that the factor of high-quality performance of the automatic transmission could be achieved. Our talented mechanics are competent in performing this hard task with proficiency.

To book a service, please call us at 03 9890 6222, email us or visit us at our Future-Tech centre for car services in Hawthorn for a detailed inspection. As the experts in maintaining European cars auto transmission Hawthorn locals can trust us to elevate the condition and the quality of their vehicle.

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